BMW M135i

BMW M135i

David Errington tries the BMW M135i, in light of the M140i being introduced into BMW’s model range.

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My Weekend Wheels

So I mentioned in my last post, My Daily Driver, that I have another car. Well, now that the first 14 months of the winter are nearly over, it will be coming out of hibernation in the next few weeks. During its hibernation period, I have been checking on it every so often in the garage and on the odd occasion, have been unable to resist a quick rub down with polish.

Lake District

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Top 5 Family Cars of All Time

When you have a family, it’s important that you have a car that suits everyone’s needs. You need to ensure the little ones in the back have space, and that the big ones in the front have plenty of room.

And then you need to make sure it’s a vehicle that you can all grow into. This means there needs to be space in the back for growing legs, as well as more boot space to transport more of your possessions.


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MINI Cooper

“I didn’t realise you wore a skirt…” read a friend’s text message, after sending him a photograph of the New MINI Cooper I had on test for the day. Indeed, it may have that kind of charm about it, but it is often forgotten just how good a drivers’ car the iconic hatchback actually is…

MINI Cooper

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BMW 420d Convertible

Based on the BMW F32 4 series, the new convertible bears some resemblance to the E90 3 series convertible, though it presents sharper lines than its predecessor, whilst riding lower and wider, giving the car road presence.

BMW 4 Series Convertible

I tested the 420d – the 2 litre diesel engine car with 184 bhp. The engine pulls well and is quiet too considering it is an oil burner. The refinement doesn’t end there…

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